Mykonos Biennale 1821

Dramatic Nights

Official Film Selection

A Gallery Tale Poster

A Gallery Tale

dir. by Megan Combs, Kellen Mcgrath, USA
runtime: 4 min
When a famous painting has the attention of an adoring fan stolen by a flashy new installation, her efforts to recapture the limelight spark a comic feud. Chaos reigns as the old and new fight for supremacy, each vying to claim the top place in their fan's affections.


dir. by Deniz Telek, Turkey
runtime: 15 min
Anoush, a little girl, goes to borrow a wedding dress from a distant relative for her brother's wedding.
Coffin Decolleté Poster

Coffin Decolleté

dir. by Nancy Kamal, Egypt
runtime: 6 min
Minor girl noticed wedding preparations in her home .. She was shocked because she did not expect to be the bride.
The film highlights the suffering of an impoverished middle-class Egyptian girl in one of the villages. She deprived her right to complete her education and innocent childhood. A victim of marriage is forced to marry before the legal age of marriage is complete. Before her physical development is complete,The film is expressive without dialogue, with the aim of focusing on the internal feelings of the heroine. Her relationship with the party responsible for her harm from her face is always cruel.

Fire Extinguisher

dir. by Rodrigo Sopeña, Joana Solnado, Spain
runtime: 5 min
Milagros is obliged to install a fire extinguisher in her chapel. But first she will have to ask someone's permission...
Hourvari Poster


dir. by Félicien Bonniot, Pauline Jacquelin, France
runtime: 6 min
Bee Women, a tiger locked in a zoo, a family and a koala surrounded by a wildfire... Based on recent events, Hourvari tries to unveil the various forms of interactions between animals and humans. Somewhere between cohabitation and confrontation, the promiscuity of these species is represented through smoky drawings and a speechless sound environment.
Just Like Water Poster

Just Like Water

dir. by Manos Triantafillakis, Greece
runtime: 13 min

The movie is about the father of the director, Spyros, his life and experiences. He is the protagonist and narrator. The "Just Like Water" speaks about time and the circle of life.

The questions asked are, what is time and how do we perceive it? Do we really live the moments in our daily lives and do we give them their due value?

So, we follow a magical journey through time, embedded with vivid images of Spyros, grandfather, man, child ... A girl and a woman always there. A patchwork of images, accompanied by original musical composition, sketched in detail: it weaves the puzzle of a whole life nestled in the Island of Crete (Greece).

No Offense Poster

No Offense

dir. by Dimitris Andjus, Greece
runtime: 4 min
Be confident. Do not be afraid to defend your beliefs and talk to your parents. Many bullies will leave you alone if they see that you are not in their hands and that you are not afraid.
Noir Brothers Poster

Noir Brothers

dir. by Daniele Gangemi, Italy
runtime: 10 min
In a frenetic, chaotic and disordered Catania, Renny and François, the second impeccable and the first decidedly off-putting, are the right men to solve the strangest and most desperate cases imaginable.
Nothing Special Poster

Nothing Special

dir. by Anthony Légal, Michaël Marie, France
runtime: 4 min
These men may be thinking of a joke, a compliment or even a game of seduction. The women are annoyed, humiliated, sometimes frightened. Yet it is their daily life. So they deal with it.
Numbness Poster


dir. by Hamid Nezamzadeh, Iran, Islamic Republic of
runtime: 12 min


dir. by Akash Navare, India
runtime: 3 min
While taking a selfie with a young cigarette, blood suddenly comes out of his nose, then he throws the cigarette and takes a beautiful selfie. Cigarettes are harmful to health,This is shown through this selfie film.
Sky Sun ,Tile Sun Poster

Sky Sun ,Tile Sun

dir. by Ziba Arzhang, Iran, Islamic Republic of
runtime: 7 min
Due to the intensity of the explosion and bombardment of the sun, the tiled wall breaks and it gets dark everywhere. People help each other to build a new sun for the sky
So long, Paris! Poster

So Long, Paris!

dir. by Charles Dudoignon-Valade, France
runtime: 18 min
A bittersweet comedy about a fanciful and rebellious pre-teen who ends up accepting her parents' divorce after an unexpected encounter with her dad's male lover.
The Disappearance of Tom R. Poster

The Disappearance Of Tom R.

dir. by Paul Sirague, Belgium
runtime: 19 min
On March 22nd 1997, Tom R. disappears. 23 years later, a film crew tries to solve this mystery.
Zeibekiko in Beirut Poster

Zeibekiko In Beirut

dir. by George Eid, Lebanon
runtime: 15 min
On the 4th of August 2020 at exactly 18:10 PM a apocalyptic explosion ripped the Lebanese capital Beirut apart. More than 200 innocent civilians died in their homes or in their cars. More than 6500 were injured and 300 000 were reported homeless. The explosion that occurred at the port of Beirut at a rush hour had a catastrophic effect and targeted also a small Greek minority that stills lives around the area . The Director of the Film George Eid who is the Head of News Operations/ Senior correspondent at one of the leading TV stations in Beirut was one of the first to arrive to the scene of the disaster to report what happened. A few days later he decided to collect what remains of the small Greek community that he once knew through his late maternal grandfather. The Film compares Beirut to the Greek Zeibekiko dance...