Theano Kirikou


Theano Kirikou studied architecture at AUTH and La Sapienza Universita di Roma. Graduate of the postgraduate program of the NTUA "Design-Space-Culture". Graduated from the Theater Department of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Patras. She attended the summer classes at Robert Wilson's foundation, Watermill Center, in Long Island, New York. Holder of M.A. in Integrative Humanistic Counseling of Middlesex University of London. He has collaborated with the newspapers TO BIMA, TO BIMA TIS KYRIAKIS, KATHIMERINI and theater magazines.

2023 Garden of Mysteries

Mykonos Biennale  -  Dionysian Votive, 2023 - screen shot

Dionysian Votive, 2023

According to Aeschylus, the mirror reflects the form and the wine the mind. In the Orphic rendition of this narrative, Dionysus Zagreas symbolizes the divine essence transitioning into the human realm through the agency of the Titans who consume him. Consequently, at the level of symbolism, the human owed to win the Titanic element and reconnect with Deus-Dionysos, that already exists inside him as the divine element of Dionysos Zagreas.