Panos Papadopoulos



Born in 1975 in Athens (GR)
Lives and works in Athens (GR) and Vienna (AT)br />

Panos Papadopoulos’ work is a mixture of conceptual, minimal, abstract and expressionist art. Departing from his earlier works – text-populated, noisy, post punk abstract oil paintings – the artist allows space to emerge, creating interiors and replacing the text with objects; yet the objects still hold on to their linguistic potency, often acting as symbols of language. It is the empty space, the sound of silence that adds tension to the composition. Panos Papadopoulos often leaves the viewer with the impression of absence and loneliness, but mainly with this question: is there more than meets the eye? His body of work now consists of two types of paintings dealing with either chaos or emptiness, in a way that is complementary rather than contradictory. Panos Papadopouos studied at the School of Fine Arts in Vienna and was awarded the «Meisterschülerpreis» of the Academy. He is the co-founder of the art collective Dadada Academy, based in Vienna. His work was presented in the 4th Athens Biennale(2013), at Palais de Tokyo(2012) and at Cranbrook Art Museum in Detroit(2019).
He has participated in international solo and group shows, often being featured in Vienna, Athens, Paris, Berlin, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Leipzig and Cologne. He is represented by Eleni Koroneou Gallery (Athens), Irene Laub Gallery(Brussels), Büro Weltausstellung(Vienna) and Petra Martinetz Gallery(Cologne).