Michelle Andrade


Michelle Andrade (b 1972, Los Angeles) earned her BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her MFA at the Otis Institute in Los Angeles. Andrade has exhibited in LA, Miami, Toronto, Houston, Dallas, Aspen, and Chicago. Her work has been covered in the Los Angeles Times, Art in America, Wallpaper Magazine and the Huffington Post. She is represented by Charlie James Gallery and lives and works in Los Angeles.

Michelle Andrade’s whimsical drawings mine mundane conversations and internal monologues, presenting fragmented phrases and thoughts amid decorative patterns. Frequently drawing onto lined or graph paper to accentuate the intimate, diaristic quality of her ramblings and reflections, Andrade expresses anxieties, particularly about health problems; in one of her drawings, rounded cartoonish letters spell out, “Are there scholarships to rehab?”, while in another they read, “Now Comes the Biopsy.” Both are set within tight patterns of brightly colored spirals, flowers, and other designs.