Manolis Baboussis

Manolis Baboussis


My work is concerned with memory, experience, loss, creation, the artist, the disintegration of the environment and with destruction. Here are some notes on my artworks, images and architectures, like Babou-city and Athena-city, places where I live and work. In 1968 I moved to Florence to study architecture. It was an era of intense questioning, of the student movement, the extra-parliamentary left and of artistic movements on the rise. In Florence an innovative architectural movement with utopian characteristics called Radical Architecture was evolving, exploring the boundaries between architecture and art. These are areas of thought that still interest me today. The photographer, the artist, according to one theory, is like a blind man who uses a stick to find his way, to find where to place his feet. His is cane his support, his medium, and it has ‘explorer’ written on it. My photographs confront a location and a part of my life, co-existing while waiting to be chosen, to acquire meaning. Many photographs were simply not taken. They stayed where they were. I just saw the wall behind which were lived experiences. The most interesting pictures were perhaps those that were not taken. I will do them in the future when I see beneath – a white screen.


Mykonos Biennale  -  SKELETONS - screen shot


From the series SKELETONS 6 Photographs, Size aprox 30x40 each